Selection 27th June 15

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1sts 2nds 3rds
Nick “The Widowmaker” Widdowson Graeme “Giant” Newton Andy “The Bull” Peck
Peter “Super” Stoehr Phil “The Bank” Bone Phil “The All Round” Coulson
Liam “Dizzy” Dye Bob “What did you call me?”Newton Ian “Ico” Coston
Sree “Killer” Kodakkatil Joe “Junior” Jones Zac
Nathan “Sivvers” Sivajoti Ciaran “The German” O’Kane Shaun “Stretch” Wyatt
Adam “Economist” Smith “Plucky” Piyush Swami Jack “Edges” Drain
Puneet “The Power” Singh Maltesh “Relaxed” Lester “Wellies” Allen
Martin “Yorkshire” Coston Sam “The Nipper” Jones Owen Peck
Chris “Daddy Daycare” Day Adnan “Can” Khan Alex “Pisshead” Day
Shyam Prasad Perisetla Mahanth “The Big Cheese” Gouda Steve “Stye” Dye
Om “The Prodigy” Menon Hitesh Mishra Callum “Freddie” Flintoff


Big thanks also to Rishan, Shehyrar Andrew and Piers for being available

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