Club Constitution

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(Version 170207, ratified at AGM 7.02.2017)


The Club shall be known as MILTON CRICKET CLUB, and shall be comprised of

two Sections: Seniors and Colts.


The home grounds are The Sycamores Recreation Ground and North Lodge Park in

Milton. Use of The Sycamores is governed by the terms of a renewable tenureship from

the Milton Community Centre and Recreation Ground Committee (MCC). Use of North

Lodge Park is expected to follow a similar arrangement with MCC, but initially the

ground will be booked via the Parish Council.


(i) To encourage the playing of the game of cricket through the provision of practice

and playing facilities, coaching and fixtures for all playing members.

(ii) To afford to all members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to


(iii) To ensure all members, playing and non-playing, conform to the laws and spirit of

the game

(iv) To encourage members of all categories to participate in the life of the Club

through playing, social and fund-raising activities and general management.

(v) To promote the progression of Colts through to the Senior teams.


The club shall be affiliated to the Cambridgeshire Cricket Board (CCB), Cambridgeshire

Cricket Association (CCA), the Cambridgeshire Youth Cricket Association (CYCA) and

the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

Milton Cricket Club Constitution



The transaction of the business of the club shall be vested in a General Committee elected

at the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the powers of authority of this

Constitution, the General Committee may exercise all powers and authority and

undertake all acts in the furtherance of aims for which the club is established and not

hereby expressly directed.

The transaction of the business of the Colts section, including its finances, arrangement

of fixtures, and coaching shall be vested in a Colts Section sub-committee. The Colts

Section sub-committee shall report to the General Committee.

The General Committee shall therefore be comprised of the following:

Chairman, Vice Chairman, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior team captains and

vice-captains, Colts sub-committee, Management Committee representative, plus other

posts created specifically by the General Committee.

The Colts sub-committee shall be comprised of:

Colts Secretary, Colts Team Managers, Child Welfare Officer

Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the club shall be held following the season, and

by March 1st at the latest.

At least 14 days notice shall be given of the AGM to all club members accompanied by

the Agenda, via the club website, email or by post (where necessary). The business to be

transacted shall include:

 Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM, and any matters arising.

 Annual Report (Secretary)

 Statements of Accounts and Treasurers’ Reports

 Election of Officers

 Notified Amendments to Constitution,

 Annual Subscriptions,

 Any other business duly notified to the Secretary.

Nominations for Elections

Nominations for Club Officers to be elected at Annual General Meetings should be

received by the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. Only these nominations

shall be considered for election. In the case that no nominations for a given post are

received by this time, nominations received up to, and including, the meeting, will be

Milton Cricket Club Constitution


accepted. Nominations for non post-holder membership of the General Committee will be

accepted at any time. All nominations must be proposed and seconded by a bona fide

club member.

Extraordinary General Meeting

By simple majority of the General Committee, or on a requisition signed by at least ten

club members, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened by the Secretary. At

least fourteen days notice shall be given to all club members, specifying the business to

be transacted.

Co-Option to Committees

Power to co-opt as deemed appropriate shall be vested in all committees of the club but

such co-opted committee members shall not be entitled to vote. Co-opted members may

be non Club Members invited to advise on specialist subjects.


At Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings, each bona fide member shall be entitled

to vote. At General Committee meetings, each committee member (not co-opted

members) shall be entitled to vote. In the event of an equal vote, the Chairman of the

meeting shall have a second or casting vote. Voting at all meetings shall be by a show of

hands, except where the General Committee or meeting Chairman decides that voting

shall be by ballot. At all meetings decisions shall be made by a simple majority.


The quorum at Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be 10 members. The

quorum at Committees shall be 50% of the membership of that Committee.


The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence, the Notice, Agenda and

Minutes of Annual, Extraordinary and General Committee meetings. Minutes of the

aforementioned meetings shall be presented for confirmation at the following meeting.

Milton Cricket Club Constitution



The treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters including receipt of monies,

payments, banking and the production of an Annual Balance Sheet/Statement of

Accounts. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for producing an up-date of the

financial position as required by the General Committee.

The Treasurer shall ensure that all cheques are signed by two authorized General

Committee members.

The Treasurer shall ensure the agreed insurance policies are in place.

The Club's financial year shall be from 1st February to 31st January.

Colts Sub-Committee

The Colts Sub Committee shall provide the following items to the General Committee:

 Annual Report for AGM (Colts Secretary)

 Recommendation of Colts Subscription Fees and Match Fees, to be agreed at the


 Agreed financial contributions for club facilities and general running costs.

 Minutes of Colts Sub-Committee meetings

The Colts Secretary will report to the Club Secretary.


Any member authorised to collect monies for or on behalf of the Club shall pay such

monies promptly to the Treasurer, within 42 days of such collection or within thirty days

following a specific event.


Membership shall be open to all, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic

origin, creed, colour, social status or sexual orientation.

A bona fide member of the club shall be deemed as such upon payment of the appropriate

subscription in that season or by a decision of the General Committee. Vice-Presidents,

and non-playing members elected to the General Committee are deemed to be bona fide

members. A list of members in all categories shall be maintained by the Treasurer.

Only members of the club shall be eligible to take part in the business of the Club.

Milton Cricket Club Constitution


No person who has not paid their subscription shall be eligible for selection for any club

team in preference to bona fide members.

Disciplinary action

The Committee shall have the power to suspend or exclude any member, for

contravention of this Constitution, documented club rules or code of conduct. Members

are also subject to the disciplinary rules of the Cambridge Cricket Association (CCA), to

which the club is affiliated.


The club shall ensure a duty of care to all members of the club by adopting and


CRICKET POLICY”, and any future versions of this policy.

The Club Welfare Officer will be responsible for welfare issues at the club, and

especially for the implementation of the above policy.

Amendment to Constitution

Substantive amendment(s) to this Constitution shall only be made at Annual or

Extraordinary General Meetings and must be published with the agenda with the

specified notice period. Corrections to matters of fact, spelling, grammar and third

parties' matters outside the control of the club can be raised during the AGM or EGM.