2014 Awards Evening

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Following a moderately successful season, it was time for the presentation evening to be held at the Lion and Lamb .

A good turn out of 22 people +a few non eaters witnessed the following awards dished out.

High Score: Simon Coston

Fastest 50 : Andy Peck

Most Wickets : Puneet Singh

Best Figures : ChriS Day

Young Player of the Year: Owen Peck

Overs/Under 25s trophy : Unders (Captained by James Drummond)

Club Man of the year : Stephen Denman

1st Team

Batsman : Liam Dye

Bowler: James Drummond

Player of the season: James Drummond

2nd Team

Bowler : Puneet Singh

Batsman: Sree Kodakkatil

Player : Puneet Singh

3rd Team

Bowler: Steve Dye

Batsman : Andy Peck

Fielding: Will Day

Player: Ian Coston

Congratulations to all the awards winners and best of luck for the next season.

Upcoming events – January + Feburary

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As we approach the start of the next season, we have a number of events coming up.

First is the Presentation meal – this will be held at the Lion and Lamb on Sat 24th. All trophies need to be returned by the end of this week (no later than 10th please)

Secondly, the winter nets start on Feburary 2nd at 8pm (to 10pm) at Fenners. The move to fenners gives us 3 nets and much more space than Hills. Access to Fenners is through the green gates on Gresham road

Finally, the Club AGM is on 18th Feb at the pavillion. All members are welcome.

Overs’ hopes down the Drain as Scotter ducks out

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AKA Under’s Menom Form as Peck run out!

There have been many famous sporting rivalries throughout history, Ali vs Frazier, Senna vs Prost, El Classico,  Borg v McEnroe to name a few. None however were as hotly anticipated as the match on Sunday 3rd August, where Drummond’s under 25 team met Andy Peck’s old timers. No one was going to miss this one! (except Dizzy, who decided to play golf…)

The Toss
Drummo called the toss correctly and elected to bat on a hot and sunny day. After waiting to see who would turn up and realising he’d only picked bowlers, the line up was decided.

As is common  place before gladiatorial battles, this one began with an arts and crafts session in designing the kits,  the under’s tried to come up with shit puns whilst the overs attempted to remember their own names. Once all the glitter and pritstick had been used up the players emerged in fetching yellow and pink shirts, the pre-match photo resembling a battenburg cake (Or Mr. Blobby) more than two cricket teams.


The Two Teams


After the pre match pleasantries were out the way it was time for the match and what a match it was….

First innings – Unders


Drummo’s unders sent in the auditors with club captain Martin Coston and Ciaran O’Kane. Much like an abacus, the unders were counting on them…
Andy Peck chose to open with Mahanth and Chris Day with an aggressive field.
Whilst Coston looked to build a strong partnership, O’Kane had other ideas, calling for a non existent single, with Mahanth hitting the stumps, Coston was back in the pavilion.

George ‘Angry George’ Sanderson was the next man in and with a flurry of boundaries reaching a quick 29,in typical fashion wasn’t looking to hang around. Unfortunately for Sanderson his partner, O’Kane, didn’t want him to stick around either and dutifully made him his second victim. With expletives coming as quick as the boundaries did, Sanderson too had to take his place on the sidelines.

A duck for Avi followed as Hitesh knocked over the timbers, and after quick knocks for Menon and Ladva the unders found themselves in trouble.

With the under 25s batting order  collapsing faster than a sabotaged baked alaska , the youths looked to their skipper to hang around as if the wicket was the lion and lamb bar on a Saturday evening.
Drummond obliged and with a captain’s innings, supported well by Owen Peck, hauled the under 25s over 200 with one over to go.

With Jimmy and Stretch occupying the last wicket, Bumble was tasked with bowling the last over. Due to his pace  bumble had actually started his over the previous Sunday to ensure all 6 could be bowled before the bad light stopped play, 16 was taken from the 40th over despite Stretch lapping the skipper down the wicket and the unders went to tea having posted 222.
222-a double Nelson. 222-third of the devil. 222 – a sight club captain Coston had become used to – a row of ducks.

With the match in the balance  the  teams went to tea.
A massive thanks had to go to Julie and Lisa who put on a banquet fit for such a  battle of titans.

Second Innings


Once the players had had their fill and Alex day had got through another 4 beers, it was time for the Overs to re-apply the deep heat, strap up the joints and start the run chase.

Chris Day and Ian Coston opened for the old timers and despite the nine man slip cordon the first ball came off the edge of Coston’s bat and straight through the pink wall for four. Needless to say, Angry George’s reaction was calm, measured, polite and encouraging.

Following a strong opening partnership Coston Snr. was sent back by Tom Leonard with O’Kane taking the catch behind. Chris Day  (with split loyalties of a son in each team) followed, bowled by the younger Coston.

With Bob newton and Sree getting hold of the game, hope was fading for the under. Following his guard of honour to the wicket Newton was  finding the boundary with ease , brandishing his bat like a renaissance artist’s brush (though I doubt Michel Angelo won his value matt paint in a raffle) The end for Newton came as quickly as it had started however when he appeared unable to turn down Coston’s offer of ‘a fiver to stick in the trees’ off Menon’s bowling. Martin’s money was safe and Bob was back on the sidelines.
Over 25s captain Andy Peck, came out to face, looking to match his opposite skipper’s innings. Peck’s hopes were however dashed early, when looking for a single off Peck junior’s bowling.  Om Menon picked up and threw a sensational direct hit at the non-strikers.
Contrary to what his forearm says, Pecky was walking alone. Back to the pavilion. ( Kiran would be very confused by this – Ed.)

As Menon and Coston twirled away, searching for the ever more likely ‘bat-pad’ bringing the game back in favour of the Unders, Callum Flintoff was brought on to devastating effect. First taking the wicket  of S.Dye and then sending danger man Tommy Scotter back without troubling the scorers for a duck .
Yes that’s a Duck for Scotter, Duck. Nice animal that the Duck. One of my favourites. DUCK. QUACK. DUCK!



Tom Scotter

Mahanth was the next Flintoff victim with M. Coston taking a smart catch at slip and whilst there were many good bowling performances on the day, Flintoff eclipsed them all. An eclipse that could not come soon enough for Hitesh however…

With the sun setting low over Milton, Drummond brought Menon back to flight the ball into the glare. While the burning retinas provided sweet relief for all those who had been at Sawston to witness Bumble in Lycra, Hitesh struggled a great deal more, hacking wildly outside off stump for where he guessed the ball would be, he too fell to Flintoff, caught Ladva.

As Flintoff, channeling his namesake, tore through the Overs’ middle order, out strode Stephen ‘Bumble’ Denman to a frosty reception. After an early boundary and a couple of streaky runs off the edge, (though he presumably thought they were byes)  what came next took all of Milton by surprise. Off a good length Flintoff ball that had troubled so many before him, Bumble launched a ‘Lion and Lamb maximum‘™ soaring back over the young bowler over the trees into the foliage. After a short pause for  supporters to be brought round with smelling salts, play resumed.

A few overs later and the ball took another hammering off Denmans bat, only to nestle straight into the gloves of O’Kane. To the sole shock of the  batsman, the umpires finger was raised and Denman had to depart with the sound of the ‘edge’ still reverberating around the Sycamores.

It looked to be an early night for the Overs, especially when A.Day strode out in pyjamas, only to spoon the ball up to the cover fielder for a duck, Opposition skipper Drummond however raised an objection, claiming he has first rights on spooning.

Hope was reignited got the overs as Peck returned for a second life to join Rig (trademark smile and floppy hat included) for the final push. With ten needed off the last over, the skipper threw the ball to Marco Coston and set his men out on the boundary. True to his theme song, Coston obliged in’going for 8 an over’. In doing so wrapping up the game and starting the Under 25s celebrations.

Whilst the young team celebrated, lining up for the victory photo (once Bumble had stopped setting his phone to zoom in on Stetch’s groin) all that was left to wrap up proceedings was the presentation.

As Peck handed over the famous trophy to Jimmy Drummond, refusing to acknowledge the 2 jug bet prior to the match, Milton again showed the high standards of fielding they set as the trophy ended up in pieces on the floor. Dropped.
With a makeshift fix on the cup the under could now find out what victory tastes like. Turns out it’s a mix of fosters, dust and silver (I think you’re being generous if you think its silver… –Ed.) polish……


Report by Will Day, Edited by Stephen (Bumble) Denman

Upcoming Events – August 2014

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Hi all.

Please find below the current list of events coming up for Milton CC.


Last weekend of september – 26th to 28th – Club Annual Tour to Brighton

3rd or 4th October- Venue tbd – Club End of Season do

Febuary 2015 – Winter nets start (days and times tbc )

March 2015 : AGM




Win Big with the Milton CC Invitational Cup Raffle

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Milton CC are hosting a Raffle as part of the Invitational Cup day and we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs!

  • Cricket Bat donated by Raw Cricket
  • Year membership donated by Milton Golf Club
  • Star Radio weatherman/women for the day
  • Voucher for 2 People to any Northants County Championship Match
  • £25 Mr Cricket voucher
  • 3 Cineworld Tickets for any ages
  • Family Ticket  people to any Cambridge City FC game next season.
  • Tickets for 4 at a  Cambridge United League game next season
  • Beauty Gift Box donated by Lush
  • Photo Frame donated by Tiger Shop
  • Bottle of wine donated by One Stop
  • Tin of Paint donated by Dulux
  • 4 Cricket Sun Hats from Talking T’s
  • 3 rounds of golf, for 4 people, at Cambridge Lakes
  • Tickets for any Championship or 40 over game of your choice at Northants CCC
  • 2 beer festival t-shirt donated by the Lion and Lamb Pub and Restaurant
  • 2x 3 pack golf balls
  • 1L bottle of Brandy from Doug Teeboon
  • Chocolate set donated by Steve Dye
  • Deodorant set donated by Andrew Drain

Thanks to all the prize donators, this is a fantastic set of raffle prizes

Tickets can be bought from your nearest Milton CC Member priced £1 each.

2014 raffle sponsors


1st Annual Milton Invitational Cup day

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Hi all

The 29th June 2014 will see the first ever (hopefully) annual Milton Invitational T20 Cup.

Teams from Willingham Waterbeach and Haddenham will be contesting the cup along with a Milton team.

Play starts around 10.30  with 2 T20 matches . The losers will then play in a 10 over 3rd place play-off and the two will then play a T20 final to determine the winners of the Doug Teeboon Trophy

We will be running a raffle with many fantastic prizes available, including prizes from Raw Cricket, Cambridge City, Cambridge United, Star FM, Tiger, Mr Cricket and many more! If you are interested in selling tickets, contact us . There will be a prize for the most sold tickets.

We will be putting a BBQ on, with fantastic food for sale, and there will be a Bar in the pavillion provided by the Lion and Lamb.

Look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible – it will be a lovely day!

Full list of Prizes currently up for grabs

  • Cricket Bat donated by Raw Cricket
  • Year membership donated by Milton Golf Club
  • Star Radio weatherman/women for the day
  • £25 Mr Cricket voucher
  • 4 Tickets for any Cambridge United League Game of choice
  • 3 Cineworld Tickets for any ages
  • Family Ticket for up to 5 people to any Cambridge City FC game next season.
  • Beauty Gift Box donated by Lush
  • Photo Frame donated by Tiger Shop
  • Bottle of wine donated by One Stop
  • Tin of Paint donated by Dulux
  • 2 beer festival t-shirt donated by the Lion and Lamb Pub and Restaurant
  • 2x 3 pack golf balls
  • Chocolate set donated by Steve Dye
  • Deodorant set donated by Andrew Drain

Catches win matches – 3rds Lower Junior Cup

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Well, the old adage of Catches win Matches never seemed more apt.

Today saw the lower junior cup match between a third team boasting such tremble inducing players as “Stretch” and “Stye”  take on an Islesham team fresh from a win against the Milton Firsts the day before.

Containing only 3 players from their victory the day before, it seemed like it might be a good match. Unfortunately due to some sort of cock up by the umpire (who it appears didn’t want to do our game) we had no umpire leaving all the crucial cup decisions to the lovely young lads of Isleham

Pecky lost the toss (I assume…. ) and Milton were put into the field in the glorious summers day with such scorching temperatures as 23°C

A breakthrough was swift, with the first wicket falling at a score of 2-1. Unfortunately from then on it fell apart in the field. With the new batsmen in, a number of opportunities went begging due to dropped catches by Dizz in slips, Peck Sr and various other players. Having been dropped at 4 or 5 runs the batsmen went on to get 90 odd runs with Isleham ending up at 254 -4 off the 40 overs.

The fielding was comical at times with a number of misfields, 14 dropped catches and general sluggishness mostly induced by heat exhaustion but there were some exception fielding work too, including a catch by Rig behind the stumps, and a low take back at Liam for a Caught and bowled

Facing a daunting total to chase, Milton set about building a concerted effort. Opening the batting was Chris Day with Ian Coston. Chris day, playing in his typical style went for a big hit to open the scoring, unfortunately finding a man at Cover who took a stunning catch (that was technically a drop due to landing on the ball from the dive) to claim the wicket. Number 3 was Dizz, who openened his account with some stylish batting and dispatching of poor balls. Unfortunately he played a beautiful sweep shot that managed to find the one 13 year old lad positioned behind square, who took a great catch to remove Dizz. The next partnership of Rig and Ian build the innings solidly to approximately the 140 mark, with 50’s for both before Rig was dismissed. A debut performance from Stretch saw him making a few excellent shots to earn his first runs in MCC colours including a delicious 4 for the first runs saw Milton ahead of the run rate at the 30 over mark.  Unfortunately this is where it to fall apart for Milton, with some sluggish batting for a couple overs from Bumble forcing him into shots and getting a few runs before missing a Yorker then Pecky dismissed cheaply and suddenly Milton were on the back foot.  Requiring 50 odd runs off the last 7 overs , Alex and Will day made a small dent batting together, and Steve Dye and Bill Lyons also contributing but ultimately they were up against it and Milton fell short.

Full Scorecard at http://miltoncambs.play-cricket.com/view_results_details?id=11969324

My man of the Match goes to Ian Coston – for not dropping any catches (bit hard when you are doing Deep Fine Leg both ends due to injury) and for getting a good half ton batting.

The full list of dropped catches below 😉 : Pecky 3 , Rig 3.5, Chris Day 2 , Liam 2, Steve Dye 1.5. Bumble 1 Stretch 1? (think it is correct, i’m sure i’ll be told if not)

(report by Bumble)

3rds Obliterate Histon, 1sts and 2nds Suffer top order collapses

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Today was a day of mixed results for Milton CC

The Firsts were at home against a strong Islesham 1st XI. Alertness on the field seemed to be the downfall as Milton conceded far too many quick singles whilst defending 117 and were chased down by batting from Griffin and Smith.

The seconds had fielding problems also, and were set a daunting target of 183 (for 9) by Abington. Suffering a massive collapse at the top order saw them at 49-8  before reaching 131 all out thanks to a great tail end batting display from Jenish Madhu and Puneet.

The thirds were at Home against Histon (home being Histon…) for the replay of last weeks closely fought game. Very good fielding and tight bowling saw Histon bowled out for  118 with wickets spread between 4 different bowlers (including a captain’s brace of 2 in 2 to end the innings – hat-trick ball tomorrow!). The peck father and son combo opened the batting with an opening partnership of 30. Scotter hit 56* batting at 3 and in the process injured one of Histon’s players. We wish Callum a speedy recovery and all the best after his head injury.


Tomorrow sees the thirds looking to avenge the first team’s drubbing by Islesham in the Lower Junior cup. Bon Chance!


Match Report – Milton II vs Harlton I

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Milton II lost the toss and was put in to field. Milton II went into the match with 7 bowlers this time and there was a bit of green here and there.

For Milton II, it was a great start with the bowl and Puneet removed the captain in the very second over of his spell and then followed by another wicket in his first five over spell. Puneet was very well supported by Madhu who bowled brilliantly by bowling 4 maiden overs and taking a wicket in the first spell (7 overs 11 runs), however the death overs were not up to his mark. He ended up conceding 19 runs in the last 3 overs.

1st change – Sandeep also showed his skills by bowling really tight. He got his first wicket for Milton and bowled really well. In his 4 overs spell he conceded only 5 runs.

Mallikarjun on the other end starting threatening the batsmen with nice out swings, but unfortunately his good bowling was shadowed by few wide balls. In his 5 over spell, he ended up conceding 22 runs.

What looked like a match for Milton II in the first 12 overs with 15/4 slowly started moving away. Nick & Eli hold their nerves and starting settling down slowly. End of 20 overs, they seem to completely settled until Mahanth’s second over scored Nick’s wicket.  Luke then joined and scored some lusty shots taking the score from  70/5 to 123/6.

Mahanth’s decision to bowl Chris in the death overs along with Madhu did not work well and Chris ended up conceding 24 runs in his 3 overs. Maltesh bowled the last over very tight taking a wicket. The score at the end of innings was 152 and we required 153 runs to win this match.

The star bowlers for this match were Madhu and Puneet taking 2 wickets each.


It all looked well and Bob and Chris opened the bat, but soon after scoring the boundary, Chris was given LBW. From then the wickets starting tumbling one after the other. Sreejith and Maltesh were bowled with each scoring a single digit numbers. Dave tried to drive the bowl past the point and ended up giving an easy catch at the point.

Mahanth joined Bob and they looked ok for a while. Bob was holding one end and rotating the strike nicely but that didn’t last long and Bob was given LBW after scoring 33. Bob was the highest scorer. Puneet joined Mahanth and before these two could settle down, the captain threw away his wicket by pulling a shot in between mid wicket and mid on. Rig joined Puneet and steadied the ship for a while. At this point, it looked like we were cruising towards the victory, but they two succumbed to run outs because of the asking run rate was growing higher.

Then it was just a cake walk for the bowlers, Madhu, Mallikarjun and Sandeep could not do any magic as the equation was 23 runs required of 12 balls. Mallikarjun remained not out.


Thereafter, Milton II were disappointed by this great loss.


Full Scorecard available at http://miltoncambs.play-cricket.com/view_results_details?id=11921937

Report by Mahanth