Milton CC Raffle Prizes 2015

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The raffle prize list is below (correct as of 7 Aug 2015)

£25 voucher to spend at Mr Cricket

4 ball game of golf at Girton Golf Course

3x 4 Ball vouchers or 1 Hour lesson at Cambridge Lakes

74 Bit Drill and Saw Set thanks to Ridgeons

Ladies Haircut at Stephanies Hairdressers

Meal for 2 (to value £70) at Histon Holiday Inn

2 Tickets to game of choice at Northants Cricket Club

Admission for 2 at any 2015 event  at Huntingdon Race Course

2 Course Sunday Lunch for 2 At The Jolley Brewers

Haircut at Wacky Hair

Bottle of Port (Thanks to Steve Dye)

Bottle of Bells Whiskey (Thanks to Doug Teeboon)

Round of Footgolf for 4  At Milton Footgolf

Tickets to Surrey CC (Thanks to Martin Bricknell)

Meal for 2 at Nandos

Meal for 2 at Fiveguys (Worth £25)

2 Free Cinema Tickets at The Light Cambridge

10 Free Day Gym Passes at Pure Gym

Vouchers for Frankie and Bennies

2x Costa Coffee Travel Mugs

Signed Freddie Flintoff Poster


Selection 27th June 15

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1sts 2nds 3rds
Nick “The Widowmaker” Widdowson Graeme “Giant” Newton Andy “The Bull” Peck
Peter “Super” Stoehr Phil “The Bank” Bone Phil “The All Round” Coulson
Liam “Dizzy” Dye Bob “What did you call me?”Newton Ian “Ico” Coston
Sree “Killer” Kodakkatil Joe “Junior” Jones Zac
Nathan “Sivvers” Sivajoti Ciaran “The German” O’Kane Shaun “Stretch” Wyatt
Adam “Economist” Smith “Plucky” Piyush Swami Jack “Edges” Drain
Puneet “The Power” Singh Maltesh “Relaxed” Lester “Wellies” Allen
Martin “Yorkshire” Coston Sam “The Nipper” Jones Owen Peck
Chris “Daddy Daycare” Day Adnan “Can” Khan Alex “Pisshead” Day
Shyam Prasad Perisetla Mahanth “The Big Cheese” Gouda Steve “Stye” Dye
Om “The Prodigy” Menon Hitesh Mishra Callum “Freddie” Flintoff


Big thanks also to Rishan, Shehyrar Andrew and Piers for being available

Selection 13th / 14th June

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Selection for this week is below

1sts League at Home vs Witcham 2nds away League vs Ashdon 3rds Away Friendly vs Wilburton Sunday 1sts T20 Cup away vs Cottenham
Martin C© Mahanth © Stephen Denman © Martin C ©
Andy Peck Bob Bill Lyons Chris Day
Graeme Newton Piyush Swami Rishan Andy Peck
Liam Dye Sreesith Kodakkatil Piers Barton Jimmy Drum
Adam Smith Maltesh Edward Cree Om Menon
Jason Sep Puneet Ian Coston Ciaran O’Kane
Nathan Sivajoti Hitesh Stretch Mahanth G
Om Menon Ajay Kelly Stephen Denman
Jimmy Drum Srikanth Sam Jones Owen Peck
Chris Day Mana P Shyam Prasad Perisetla Alex Day
Owen Peck Rizwan A  Shehyrar Shafiq Liam Dye


Selection 6th June 2015

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Please find selection for 6th June as below

1sts 2nds 3rds
Nick W Bob N Andy P
Graeme N Rizwan Phil C
Liam D Peter S Ian C
Adam S Sreejith K Ciaran O’k
Jason S Puneet S Angry George
Nathan S Mahanth G Zac
Hitesh M Ajay K Jack D
Martin C Mana P Stephen D
Om M James R Stephen D
James D Maltesh Sam J
Chris D Srikanth Owen P

May 23rd 2015

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There is a Sunday Club Day – this will be in a format that fits whatever the numbers are! Saturday is as below

1sts 3rds
Graeme Newton Phil Coulson
Nick Widdowson Andy Peck
Liam Dye Tom Scotter
Adam Smith Ciaran O’Kane
Ian Coston Jack Drain
Martin Coston Stephen Denman
Peter Stoehr Owen Peck
Jimmy Drummond Sam Jones
Adnan Khan Alex Day
Om Menon Stephen Dye
Mahanth Gouda Manamohan Pandurangan

Selection 16th May 2015

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After about twenty changes in last few days… Final line-up as below. Apologies for formatting as I’m posting from phone

1st XI





5. Kauser


7. James

8. Jimmy

9. Chris Day

10. Adnan



3rd Xl


2. Ian

3. Tom

4. Ciaran


6. Pecky


8. Owen

9. Bharath


11. SteveDye

After about ten iterations and changes… We’ve had to cancel the Friendly game

Finalised finalised at 




Match Reports – 9th May

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Veteran Carries Two Bats to Victory


Seconds stalwart Peter Stoehr (73 no) carried his bat through the entire Milton run chase to record a memorable victory against the Ashwell 1st XI at the Sycamores ground on Saturday. Stoehr displayed great temperament to withstand a determined Ashwell attack, a broken bat hardly stalling his progress towards the competitive target of 194.

Players arrived to find the covers on and a damp outfield, conditions which convinced the Ashwell team to bat after winning the toss. Milton let the openers get away and failed to snare a wicket by drinks. After drinks, however, the wickets tumbled and the scoring rate was slowed. A likely looking target of 220 was restricted to a gettable 194.


The wickets were shared between Mahanth 2/40, Puneet 1/16 and bowler of the day Mana 2/25. They were ably supported by Rizwan, Maltesh and Sam who were unlucky not to trouble the wicket column in the scorer’s book. Sree also had a hand in two run outs after making a successful debut with the gloves. James Reid was also influential in the field, stopping several boundaries in the point region.

The run chase started slowly as Bob and Peter had to dig in against some excellent opening bowling from Ashwell. Scoreboard pressure got the better of Bob and he fell for 8. Peter was joined by Jason Sep (60) who enjoyed a blunted opening attack and then the change bowlers. When he holed out at mid-on there were still more than 70 runs to get.


Sree (38 no) made a cautious start and survived a close run out scare before exploding with two massive sixes and a host of other boundaries to bring the target in sight. As the tension grew Peter maintained his sangfroid approach with elegant boundaries behind square to seal the win with an over to spare.

CSU Cricket Correspondent Leroy Lemongello




Milton lost a toss which would have been very useful to win. On a very damp, grassy outfield, in swinging conditions milton were put in to bat.
Phil bone and ICo opened the batting facing a very difficult new ball, with tight bowling from wimblington. They advanced the score to 30 off 16 overs, at which point Phil was bowled for 7. There followed a flurry of wickets, with captain Peck falling for just 2, shortly followed by ICo for 19, leaving milton reeling at 34-3 off 17.
This left Ciarán and Phil Coulson at the crease who managed to consolidate a little before Ciarán was bowled for 21 in the 24th over, with the score at 66-4.
Thereafter followed an uncharacteristically watchful start from “Angry” George Sanderson, who combined well with Phil Coulson, who then together launched a counter attack to form a very useful 70 partnership, increasing the run rate and pushing Milton up to 136 before George fell, bowled, for his highest competitive score for the club (he even bought a jug afterwards!) at 33.
Stretch followed this up with some strong running, including an over with 13 all run runs (3 threes in one over!) however this soon knackered Phil out, who also caught a blow to the head and holed out for a highest scorer of the innings, 38, probably pleased to depart, given the amount of running stretch was forcing Phil to do.
Stretch and Rishan saw Milton home to an unlikely and, given the conditions, very competitive final score of 160-6.
Unfortunately, over the interval (whilst players feasted on some incredible cakes supplied by Lisa Peck) the sun dried out both the pitch and more importantly the outfield, which at the start of wimblington’s reply, despite some tight bowling from Steve Dye and Phil Coulson, made milton’s score seem worth somewhat less than it had originally seemed.
Despite this, Milton took and early wicket, with a drop at slip by Phil Bone providing Stretch with the opportunity to run out wimblington’s skipper for just 1 run (Stye claims half a wicket for this).
The first bowling change saw stretch come into the attack with wimblington reduced to 41-2 off 14. He continued where the opening bowlers had left off and bowled a tight first two overs, before a mongoose propelled rocket of a shot offered a sharp caught and bowled chance (got to go down as a drop) which stretch could only get his pal, to, resulting in his palm resembling an overly ripened plum.
This Left skipper Andy Peck short one bowler, despite some very tight bowling from young Owen Peck (5-1-8-3) supported by Alex day (9-0-41-0), it looked like  the skipper had to turn to the part time bowlers.
First Angry, full of confidence from his batting, managed to bowl an eventful over (well 2 overs really) with 6 dot balls and 6 wides – some very, very wide.
Then wicketkeeper O’Kane took off the pads and finished off the tail with 2.1-0-2-2, wimblington finishing on 132 all out.
Steve Dye finished with 10-0-46-3 (couldn’t match his son’s 7 wickets for the 1sts).
Phil Coulson: 10-2-1-22.
Milton won the match by 28 runs.

Milton Cricket Club’s Guide to making the tea’s

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Making the teas is a great way to inspire your team and to be helpful to your otherwise massively overloaded team captains. It costs nothing to do (you are reimbursed) except for a little bit of your time.  Good teas are always remembered!


What’s my budget?

We aim to keep the cost of teas at approximately £35. IF you go a couple of quid over or under, it is not a problem but please do not go spending over 50!


What is in a tea?

Sandwiches – Generally 4 loaves of bread (2 white 2 brown  or 3/1 etc) or ~40 rolls  makes enough sandwiches for the two teams.  Sandwiches should be made to contain a mixture of fillings to please different people.

Some suggested fillings are:

  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Tuna Mayo (with/without sweetcorn or cucumber)
  • Egg Mayo (Homemade egg mayonnaise is the absolute number 1 filling possible)
  • Coronation Chicken (A close second in best fillings)
  • Corned Beef
  • Sausage/Bacon (needs pre-cooking first)

On top of this you can add salad (tomato, cucumber, lettuce), sauces (mustard, pickles, chutney, piccalilli) and mix/match the fillings

Bear in mind throughout that you need to cater for vegetarians in this and any other special requirements that have been passed on to you. You will probably get through a 500g block of spreadable butter for 4 loaves.


Savouries – Things like Pork Pies, Sausage Rolls, Cold (or hot) Pizza, cocktail sausages, scotch eggs, quiche (good for veggies) are all very popular and will get eaten. Generally aim to have enough to have a couple of items per person (eg a quarter scotch egg per person and a sausage roll per person). Crisps are also an “Easy Win” in that you can buy bulk bags and they can be stored at the ground for following week’s games.


Sweets – The best part of all teas – you want to have enough cakes to please everyone – if you are happy to bake then that is always number 1 choice! Typically I recommend 3 “normal” sized cakes (ie 2lb loaves/ 8” victoria sponge) will do teas.  As a general rule sweets should always contain something chocolaty and something fruity.  Some suggestions;

  • Fresh fruit is always really popular, however needs to be something in a format that is easy to eat – strawberries, grapes, pineapple chunks, slices of melon etc. Things like apples and pears do not generally go down very well.
  • Cakes – Fruit cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Ginger Cakes, Lemon Drizzle Cakes, Victoria Sponges, Tea Cakes, any cake you can think of will probably get eaten. Bear in mind some flavours (eg banana) tend to divide opinion.
  • Traybakes – Probably the best way to do cakes is with traybakes. Things like flapjack, millionaires shortbread, chocolate cornflake squares, rocky roads are generally easy to make and easy to divide up into portions. Also you can often buy these at shops already done.
  • Chocolate bars – always useful as a backup and can be stored in the pavilion if they are individually wrapped so can be bought in bulk and can be used for multiple weeks


Make sure you have at least 2 pints of semi skimmed milk for teas, and that tea bags etc are in the pavilion.

Tips for making teas


  1. Make sure the match is going to happen – it is no good making teas if it is clearly going to be a washout. If it is dubious, go for things that will keep for a week and can be used the following week (wrapped stuff, etc)
  2. Make sure there is a full stock of Teabags, coffee, squash, sugar, cling film etc at the pavilion. If not then this will need to be added to your shopping list
  3. Preparation is key. Making sandwiches FAST prevents them drying out, so be prepared. Fillings should be prepared in advance (ie grate cheese, boil eggs etc) and placed in bowls so an assembly line can be made. Getting helpers in will make this easier – one butters, the next fills and the last one cuts and arranges onto trays / wraps it up. When a tray/whatever using is full, cover with Clingfilm and get into the fridge (make sure you have space in your fridge if doing at home!).
  4. Make sure you have the right tools – Again, this is preparation really. Sharp Knives, plenty of containers/trays to put things on, cutting boards etc.
  5. When you arrive at the pavilion on day of game, fill up and turn urn on. If at sycamores, turn to 3 and then turn to full about 20 minutes before teas.
  6. Some cakes are dead easy to make – for example Bumbles Yorkshire tea brack is simply 1 kg of dried fruit , left overnight in tea mixed with sugar, then flour mixed in with two eggs.  Bake in oven for 2 hours and done. If you pick easy cakes, you can impress for very little effort.
  7. Avoid nuts – too risky and not worth it.
  8. Sandwich roulette is fun – make one sandwich contain nothing but salad and see who is the unlucky sod who gets it



This guide was shamelessly written by reading guides from various clubs and using the combined knowledge to make something about right for MCC. If you want to use all or some of this, feel free!



Match Reports – 2nd May 2015

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1sts Home vs Sutton

Report from M. Coston

On the first game of the season, the Visitors, Sutton won the toss and elected to field.

Graeme (98) and Rig (61) opened for Milton and put on one of the strongest opening partnerships in recent years of 156.

The platform was set and contributions from Adam (11), Martin (12), Hitesh (15) and debutant Adnan (22 not out) meant Milton pushed on to a final total of 250-7 in their 40 overs.

After the players tucked into the first tea of the season it was time to take to the field. Adnan opened up and kept it tight early on, whilst Chris replaced Jimmy and started with a wicket maiden (and finished with 10-2-44-1)

Martin (10-2-43-2) came into the attack and helped keep it tight in the middle overs whilst picking up a couple of wickets. With Sutton building a strong chase, the ball was thrown to Hitesh (1 for 40) and Adnan (3 for 56) to finish up and Milton managed to hold onto the win by 26 runs, largely due to a strong fielding display by the whole team.

No man of the match awarded this time, a very good start to the season so one for the team to share.

2nds Away vs Abington 3rds

Singh Secures Strong Victory for 2nds

Under surprisingly sunny skies, Milton’s Second XI began their campaign against a determined Abington side keen to open their account with a win at home.

Milton won the Toss and decided to make Abington bat first and made early progress against an attack still shaking the winter cold out of their system. Likewise, the Milton fielders found it hard to warm to their task in the sunny yet cool conditions. Once into gear, however, Bharath Rudraraju (1/21) tied down the Abington openers and was rewarded with a wicket. Bharath was also rewarded in the field, taking a fine catch at mid-off.

Frustratingly, the Abington line up then eluded the field with many slashes and nicks flying just out of reach. Abington went to drinks with a sound platform at 2 – 74. After drinks Puneet Singh (2/42) produced a gutsy bowling spell which broke the Abington middle order and slowed the scoring rate. He was supported by James Reid, Maltesh Kulkarni and Mahanth Gouda (2/29) who chipped in with two timely wickets.

The fielding improved as well with the Milton men on their toes and ready to pounce. Alex Day made some fine saves in gully while Rizwan chased hard in the outfield all day. Bumble had a tough wicket keeping debut on an uneven pitch and is still wringing his hands after copping several tough takes. Peter Stoher shared the keeping duties with the wounded Bumble and turned back the clock to use the gloves with the adroitness of Alan Knott.

The combined effort with the ball and in the field after drinks restricted the Abington target to 144.

Bob Newton (18) and Peter Stoher (22) looked set to eclipse their combined ages with runs due to some lovely shot making and a little help from a wayward attack filling the wides column in the scorebook. Their 60 run partnership set up a likely victory.

New Aussie recruit Jason Sepetauc (30) scratched out some streaky runs before holing out, as did an unlucky Maltesh (8). When Mahanath (1) was bowled after getting bogged down under scoreboard pressure things looked grim.

At 5 -111, however, Puneet (36no) came to the fore again as he did with the ball. Crisply struck shots eased Milton home for a resounding win.

A special mention to Alex, James and Rizwan who toiled away in the field after heeding late calls ups into the XI.

Next week we expect bigger and better from the tenacious twos!

Report by CSU cricket correspondent

Leroy Lemongello

3rds Away vs St Ives Town 4ths

Report from A Peck The 3rds lost the toss and were put in to bat. A Peck and coulson opened. Peck smashed 14 off the first over but soon went for 17. His replacement Ian Coston, went on to top score with 38 in  Which he was helped by Kiwi Keeper Kelly to a 50 partnership. Innings finished 162-9 Milton’s two opening bowlers were an ever pacey Callum Flintoff and debutant Piers Barton. Callum took an early wicket on a uneven pitch whilst Piers went for 18 of 3 overs and was replaced by a young debutant in Sam Jones aged 14. Sam and Stretch went on take 3 wickets each, Sam ending with 6-2-12-3. Phil and Callum also took  2 each, bowling St Ives out for 126. Man and Woman of the match go to Sam and Kelly – Sam for this first senior game with some impressive bowling figures and Kellu  for her dedication to the cause resulting in many bruises (10 in total)

Selection for 2nd May 2015

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Selection for 2nd May 2015 is as below:

1sts Meeting at Milton no later than 12:30

2nds Meeting at Granta Park, no later than 12:45

3rds Meeting at Milton for 12:15

1sts 2nds 3rds
Steve McHugh Bob Newton Phil Coulson
Graeme Newton Peter Stoehr Ian Coston
Adam Smith Jason Sep Phil Bone
Nathan Sivajoti Mahanth © Andy Peck ©
Rig Pathak Madhu Eyunni James Reid
Martin Coston © Mana Pandurangan Rizwan Ansari
Kauser Johar Stephen Denman Owen Peck
James Drummond Bharath Callum Flintoff
Hitesh Misra Chris Day Kelly
Adnan Khhan Maltesh Shaun Wyatt
Bilal Younus Puneet Alex Day